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December 2013

Affordable Care Act 101: Our Nation’s New Health Insurance Plans

The major parts of the Accordable Care Act will become effective on January 1, 2014.  The heart of the law (passed in March, 2010) calls for ten mandatory services (called Essential Health Benefits) that must be in all new health insurance plans for individuals and small employer plans (under 50 employees) sold by participating health insurance companies. These ten benefits are: 1.  Outpatient Care – most health insurance plans have …Read More

Medicare Choices: End Your Confusion Here

There are three groups of Americans who are eligible for Medicare.  The largest group are people who turn age 65, then followed by people who have been collecting Social Security disability benefits for two years.  Lastly, if you have end stage renal disease (kidney failure), you will be also eligible for Medicare benefits. Medicare has two options for eligible consumers. One option is to select Medicare Part A (hospital insurance, …Read More

Flexible Spending Accounts- Just Got Better!

Flexible spending accounts (FSA) that are linked to employer sponsored health insurance plans (i.e. HMO or PPO) just got better.  Now employees who use FSA’s will be permitted to carry over up to $500 of their unused plan balance to the next year.  FSA’s permit employees to set aside pre-tax dollars in the beginning of each year to pay for out of pocket expenses like deductibles or co-payments. In the …Read More